Friday, June 27, 2008

Cardinals Guest Post

Posted by ESL:

I’ve been complaining as of late to my good pal, Jim, about the St. Louis Cardinals. I understand this audience probably isn’t overly interested in STL stuff, but I figured since I would be complaining about my team AND the Royals are on a roll as of late (10 out of their last 11), AND the I-70 Series resumes tonight in KC, now was as good a time as any to have a guest post about the Redbirds.

The Cardinals are pissing away what could be a magical season. They came into this season with no expectations, questions at every position but 1B, Catcher, and 3B, numerous injured pitchers (Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, and Adam Wainwright at the top of the list), and yet have gotten so much effort and energy out of their young guys that they find themselves 10 games over .500 and leading the Wild Card race in the National League as they go into their weekend series with the Royals.

So what have I been complaining about to Jim? The Cardinals have lost 17 games this season in which they were either tied or led the game in the 7th inning. 17!!!!! With a record of 45-35, almost half of our losses have been given away late by either a fading starter or an inept bullpen (which just happened to be the one thing that was supposed to be a strength coming into the season). To put this in perspective, the Cardinals awful 2007 version blew 9 games all year. True, we had fewer opportunities to blow games last year because we were often down 5 runs by the 4th inning, but this stat is just staggering.

I know that many Royals fans have little sympathy, and rightly so. So, don’t take this post as me whining about my 10 time world champion Cardinals ONLY being 10 games over .500 while the Royals are still 7 games under
(Editors note: this sentence is evidence that people from St. Louis are always looking for an opening to crap on you, even when they are being nice and posting on your blog. Remember that). Take it as something to give you hope if you do happen to trail late in any of the games this weekend. Remember that the Royals were responsible for numbers 13 and 14 of those 17 late losses:

13. June 17- The Cardinals are in a 1-1 tie with Kansas City, but lose it in the 8th as Ron Villone gives up a home run. Royals win 2-1.

14. June 18 - The very next night, the Cardinals lead 2-1 with 5 outs to go. Kyle McClellan gives up 2 home runs to the Royals. The Cardinals lose 3-2.

While I hate our bullpen, I will go ahead and reject Jim’s proposed trade: Soria for Pujols.

Go Cards!

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