Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Knew it but I Still Didn't Want to Read it

The Star lately has been all about depressing me about my town. Today, the litany continues with a story about how we'll never see an NBA team. Of course, that is not a difficult assumption to make. Still, I would prefer to continue to turn a blind eye to the facts and hope. This makes it harder:

“With this city having major-league baseball and the NFL and the three colleges, and soccer. … there are a lot of choices. I don’t know if this market is big enough. Portland, San Antonio, Memphis, Utah, Sacramento don’t have all the major-league sports we have. There may be too much to do here.”
So we're stuck with like 10 days or so with big time college baskteball in the city proper. Past that we can watch the Roos and high school games. Woo-ha.

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