Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Joe Po Understands Me

Amazingly, Joe Posnanski has a blog and I knew nothing about it. I found it by chance on a political blog from across the country. Weird. Anyway, it's great stuff. A particularly fine post is one about Posnanski's feelings about Derek Jeter. The thesis is essentially that Joe likes Jeter, but constantly feels unable to appreciate him because of the unreasonable accolades thrown his way. Read the post to fully appreciate the concept.

I already fully appreciate it because it is exactly they way I feel about The Beatles. Are they a great band? Absolutely. Are they the greatest band ever? Possibly. Maybe even probably. Are they a 10 while their most formidable competition for the title is a 6? Or are they 100% without a doubt the world's best band by all available criteria and anyone who doesn't agree is the musical equivalent of Miss South Carolina? No way.

So like Joe, I often find myself in an argument where the result is someone badgering me about why I don't like The Beatles. I explain that I do like The Beatles, but there are at least other bands in the discussion when you talk about the greatest bands of all time. No one ever understands this position.

I'll have to keep explaining myself over and over, and it sounds like Joe will too.


Dan said...

Nothing Jeter will ever do - EVER - even in retirement - will rival the awfulness of "Ebony and Ivory". Or the entire Wings catalog, for that matter. Or "Say, Say, Say".

Jeter can strike out in tee-ball, and he'll still have more dignity than 1/4 of the Beatles.

And I'm not even starting in on Ringo . . .

bigsmithdude said...

in terms of impact, sales, creativity, songwriting, influence and overall awesomeness--well, you know where i stand on whole "the beatles verse all other bands" argument. they're the tops, man. plain and simple....

as for dan's comments, i love your beer my friend so i'll let those remarks about macca slide. check out his solo album RAM to perhaps change your opinion--or ANY OTHER BEATLES ALBUM IN EXISTENCE!!!


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