Friday, May 4, 2007

Now I Get It

I have recently been having trouble understanding why conservatives were so hot for Fred Thompson. The GOP debate last night cleared it all up. If I thought one of those guys would be my presidential candidate, I'd be all over Fred too. Actually any cast member of Law and Order would do, or maybe a cast member from Survivor, or a Deal or No Deal contestant or well anybody probably.

I know I'm biased, but last night seemed like a disaster. The thing that stood out the most was that apparently the candidates have told Jesus to hop in the back seat because they are going to let Reagan drive for awhile. I can think of several analogies to describe the way the candidates handled Reagan, but all of them are little bit disgusting and I don't know how they would get him out of his coffin in the first place.

Best moments of the night included:

Mitt Romney unable to come up with anything he doesn't like about America. Very believable.

Mitt's "and he will die," line about Osama bin Laden. Possibly a little over the top after declaring days earlier that it wasn't worth "moving heaven and earth" to get bin Laden.

Rudy Giuliani trying to dodge bullets on the abortion question, and ending up looking like Swiss cheese.

Ron Paul explaining why Republican primary voters should not vote him (At least that is what it sounded like to me).

Anything out of the mouth of Tommy Thompson. Hard to believe the obviously creative Mr. and Mrs. Thompson could have a son who appears to be a robot.

Seriously, if this is as good as they get Republicans have reason to be worried.

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