Friday, May 18, 2007

The Hammer's Finest Moments

Tom Delay went on Colbert last night for reasons I may never understand. Perhaps he believed he could win over kids by displaying his charm and wit.

"To the victory gets things done," was maybe the best example of his eloquence. (Incidentally, I believe he was trying to come up with "to the victor go the spoils." But his way is just as clear, no?)

His finest moment of the evening, however, was when he recollected his finest moments in Congress. He had a list of three or four things, and the final one was...wait for it...intervening in the Teri Schiavo case.

He also argued that the people who accused him of money laundering were liars on the order holocaust deniers.

An immediate reaction to this sort of thing can be relief that such a man is no longer a Congressional leader, but then you come to the sobering reality that he somehow became a Congressional leader in the first place. I think those are thoughts libertarians are made of.

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