Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kevin Durant of the Kansas City Supersonics

An insteresting intersection between the national and local sports scenes yesterday. First, the Star reported that the Seattle Supersonics owner was in town and showing interest in the Sprint Center as a home for the Supes.

A few hours later the Supersonics beat the odds to receive the second pick in the NBA draft, virtually assuring them former Texas Longhorn Kevin Durant.

The idea that the Sonics might come to KC was far-fetched already. Owner Clay Bennett is from Oklahoma City, a city that has shown great support for the New Orleans Hornets as they played parts of two seasons there. If the team was going to leave Seattle, OKC has to be option #1.

Now you have to wonder if the team will leave Seattle at all. Getting a highly marketable player that creates a big buzz around the team is probably the only way Seattle could hope to reinvigorate interest to the point they can keep the team. And, miracle of miracles, it happened.

So now KC has to be considered the 3rd choice (at best) to land the team. Fortunately for us we have the recent playoff successes of the Chiefs and Royals to console us. Oh wait, nevermind.

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Dan said...

Tony and Jimmy sitting in a tree . . .

(Great post, and it's good to see you're getting noticed.)


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