Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Election High

Well the mayoral primary is over and we are left with two candidates: Brooks and Funkhouser. My vote in the final will be for Funkhouser, but I can truly say that I think both candidates offer more positives than negatives should they become mayor. I thought about that last night as I watched the results, and then a question occurred to me. How often does this happen? Over the past few years, we have been subjected to elections where both candidates are suspect at best and plain awful at worst.

That makes me think this mayoral race will be a treat. I hope the negative ads don't appear, though I doubt whether the candidates will have complete control over the matter. In the end, it will be nice to watch election results without it feeling like things are about to get worse no matter the outcome.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me because I usually hold a much more cynical view. But the fact is that I kind of feel this way about the 2008 presidential election as well. Maybe that has more to do with where the bar is currently set, but it is nice to know that whatever happens it will most assuredly mean a step forward. I think that is all we can ever really ask for.

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