Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All-Star Game

I figure I have now waited a sufficient period of time between posts to lose the interest of the the three or four of you that were reading this thing. But that is OK because I suppose it frees me from the constraints of trying to write something that might have interested you.

I will instead use this post to comment on something that is neither interesting to most people or particularly timely, since it happened 4 days ago. I refer to the NBA all-star game. Here are a few of my thoughts about the event.

1. Wayne Newton can't sing anymore and he looks like Johnny Cash, if Johnny Cash had gotten a ton of plastic surgery and hosted a game show.

2. Tracy McGrady is the most talented player in the NBA. Kobe may be better because he has more drive, but when he is healthy TMac can do anything he wants.

3. Charles Barkley is the least professional and simultaneously best TV guy in sports. You have to love it when someone who is being payed to talk shows up with a barely audible voice because he partied so hard the night before. But you can't do anything about it because he is always the most entertaining part of the show.

4. I don't know why I have always bagged on Shaq. Maybe its a case of gigantaphobia, but the guy is always having a good time and he is probably the most dominant player of the post-Jordan era.

5. Worst halftime show ever. Christina Aguilera was actually pretty entertaining. The Cirque du Solei (or however you spell that) bunch were fine, but not representative of the impressiveness of their real show. Toni Braxton was nearly inaudible (possibly a blessing), and was (I think) doing one of those dreadful song montages. My real problem with the whole thing was how it all fit together, or rather how it all didn't fit together. I remember when a strange combination was Aerosmith and Britney Spears, but that seems like Cinderella and Firehouse at the state fair compared to this.

6. I hope we get some Suns vs. Magic finals in the future. I could watch Amare Stoudamire and Dwight Howard battle in the post all day.

7. It really seems like the NBA has a chance to make a comeback with the group of young players that are out there today.

8. Everyone talks about the lack of big men in the East, but how about the lack of point guards?

9. The Mavericks should be seriously upset with all those people who wanted four Pistons in the all-start game last year because they were the best team. Where were those people this year?

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