Monday, February 26, 2007

The Queen, The King, and the Underrated Princess

Well, the Oscars went 3 for 4 (sort of). I mentioned previously that a strange phenomenon that has developed in the Academy Awards is that actors playing real people have greatly enhanced chances of winning. The streak continued last night with Best Actress and Best Actor going to biographical actors and Best Supporting Actress essentially doing the same.

In a somewhat related note, I saw Pan's Labyrinth this weekend. It was fantastic. Honestly, it was the only great 2006 movie I saw. I'm not sure if a movie can be nominated for best foreign film and best picture, but if so it should have. Of course, it didn't even win best foreign film. It was beaten by The Lives of Others, which I would very much like to see but will apparently have to wait on. Tivoli, are you on this one or what? I was also blown away by the performance of the young star of Pan's Labyrinth, Ivana Baquero. The girl from Little Miss Sunshine was great, but for pre-teen performances there was no contest.

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