Friday, March 2, 2007


There are places in the world that I would love to go just because of how bizarre they would seem to me. This video of a conservative convention shows me that I could find one those places right here in our own capital.

I'm sure the speakers would be great, but what would really be interesting would be just talking to the convention goers. What would the topics be? Would they fit into my stereotypes? I actually suspect that I could go to something like the Kos convention and feel the same way.

Sidebar: The Brownback supporter in the video claims that Brownback is "for the choice of a flat tax or a progressive tax, whichever helps you more." Either he's completely wrong or there is something I fundamentally misunderstand about how any tax system would need to work (I suppose it could also have been a Freudian slip.)


Dan said...

A liberal at the convention. Hilarity ensues..

btyfrd said...

I saw this video, too, from I've been to conventions from both sides, and I must say that a wingnut is a wingnut, no matter what color jersey they wear.

Nice blog by the way. I'll have to add it to my regular read.


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