Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back To The Present

You have to hand it to the anti-evolution crowd. They are nothing if not persistent. They were defeated yesterday in Kansas as the school board reversed last year's much-ballyhooed standards questioning evolution. Yet, they vow to keep fighting:

“This issue is never going to go away,” said John Calvert, director of the Intelligent Design Network and a Lake Quivira resident. “You can’t keep science in a box.”

I'm not sure what he means other than that as soon as they can get there people back on the school board, devolution will once again be in full-effect. I was astounded to read that this is the fourth time the standards have changed in eight years. Tenacity is apparently a trait that pairs nicely with absolutism.

Yet, I am holding out hope. I would feel a little hypocritical after all if I weren't willing to allow the possibility that their reasoning might just evolve a little.

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