Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Finals

It's a little difficult for me to explain just how excited I am for this year's NBA Finals. I adopted the Thunder when they moved to OKC on the premise that we will never likely have an NBA team in closer proximity to KC. It's a little depressing because Oklahoma City now joins the list of cities whose teams have played for a championship since the Royals won the '85 World Series (it is all of the cities with at least two franchises and most of the ones with only one).

Wait, griping about KC sports is not the point of this post. The point is that this is the first time "my" professional team has played for a championship in my adult life. I don't know what that means necessarily, but I am quite excited.

Will they win? I don't know. I like their matchups. I don't like their inexperience. Kevin Durant is my favorite player and has been incredible in the playoffs. Lebron has been otherworldly for the last two games. I guess in the end these are my predictions:

OKC in 7
Durant wins MVP.
Lebron loses but redeems his rep by playing very well.
The Finals have a higher rating than they have since Jordan.

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