Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meanwhile in the Real World

And while our House of Representatives completes the all-important task of reading the edited Constitution, the economy continues to suck for most Americans. That trend is likely to continue...

Among the top ten occupations projected to have the largest numerical growth in the next decade, seven pay median wages under $30,000 a year, including food preparers and servers earning $16,000, and retail and home care workers who make $20,000. Home aides and retail workers are expected to add about 1.4 million positions this decade while middle-class manufacturing jobs are projected to lose more than a million jobs.
Fortunately for Missourians, our state Senate is promoting "right to work" legislation that will help companies crack down on the unions that provide many of remaining decent working class jobs available.

But nevermind that, let's see Obama's birth certificate dammit!

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