Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Healthy Is Not Easy

Slate has an interesting series about healthy eating called Clean Plate running right now. It is interesting to me because I have decided that the upward creep in my weight over the last 2 years needs to be reversed now - before it is too late (and before Ancillary Fiancee and I hit some tropical locale in our swimsuits this summer). Anyway, the piece today is about how confusing the food pyramid charts are.

Fortunately, we are no longer limited to just the USDA food pyramid. The Nutrition Department at the Harvard School of Public Health criticizes the USDA pyramid and offers its own Healthy Eating Pyramid. And that's not all. The Mayo Clinic and Oldways.com offer Asian, Latin-American, Mediterranean, and vegetarian pyramids. So pick your pyramid, and start eating it. (Note: I went to my doctor this morning to discuss this plan and get blood tests so I can see if anything changes in the next few weeks. And you should consult with yours before embarking on any eating plan.) (Also of note: The USDA updates its Dietary Guidelines for Americans every five years, meaning there is one due any moment. It's almost as exciting as waiting for a new baby!)
I think I'd take that a step further and say that almost all nutrition related info is confusing. Depending upon who I consult, my needed daily calorie intake to shed my undesired pounds needs to be anywhere from 1600-2400 calories. This is impossible. If the 1600 estimate is correct, I would likely actually gain more weight by using the 2400 number. If the 2400 estimate is correct, 1600 might damn near kill me. Anyway, if anyone has a trusted source for this sort of thing, I'd be happy to hear about it.

I have soup and fruit to eat.

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