Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Reminder About the NBA

It isn't coming to KC. Here is the latest reason to think so from David Stern:

The issue where contraction has been raised in the past and might be raised again is when you watch teams struggle in the economic sense and they are partners of and they’re included in what I would call shared revenues, where in a couple of years we will have developed in the near future, where between licensing revenues, network television revenues and revenue sharing, where certain teams at the bottom end were getting $50 million a year from their partners from the group effort whether or not they sell a piece of merchandise or whether or not they appear on network television, then the issue gets raised among owners would it be economically sound for us to consider contraction. That’s a subject that will be fully aired after the season is over.
So even if there are teams who might move, and even if they decided Kansas City was the place for them, they still might end up on the chopping block if the league decides to contract. Depressing but true.

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