Sunday, December 19, 2010

TOP 10 Albums of 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2010
1. Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More
2. SSLYBY- Let it Sway
3. Tallest Man on Earth- Wild Hunt
4. She & Him- Volume 2
5. Good Old War- Good Old War
6. Vampire Weekend- Contra
7. Josh Ritter- So Runs the World Away
8. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
9. Harlem- Hippies
10. Blitzen Trapper- Destroyer of the Void

AA has been harping on me for the past few weeks to post this list. i think it gives him comfort to know he is not alone in the list-making world. hope this makes your day, friend!

this has been one of the best years in music that i can recall, and yet this became one of the easiest years for me to pick my Top 10. i really turned to these 10 albums more than any other this past year, and they never let me down. i know this will be up for some debate, but i deemed Mumford and Sons eligible based on the US release date of their album (Irish was 2009 i think). but list, my call. though i may have spun "Let it Sway" more often, i just couldn't get over the guttural effect that "Sigh No More" has on me every time i press play thus securing it's position as the best album of 2010.

Top 10 songs list is forthcoming


Jim said...

Day made. Nice to see the list was successfully altered :)

Brian said...

Glad to see Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin made the cut. I love all of their albums, but Let it Sway is their best IMO.

Dan said...

Hard to understand how two people who aren't 80 year-old rednecks managed to list their top 10 albums without mentioning Kanye West's "Dark Twisted Fantasy".


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