Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NBA Unlikely

Sam Mellinger does some nice reporting and thinking about what makes an NBA relocation to Kansas City unlikely. This is the most important part:

American City Business Journals did a study that showed the Kansas City region’s total income is $57 billion short of what’s needed to support the teams we already have — let alone 41 NBA home dates with an average ticket price around $50.

We make up the nation’s 31st biggest market, according to Nielsen. No. 23 Pittsburgh is the smallest with three major-league teams, and remember they almost lost the NHL’s Penguins and the Pirates are consistently near the bottom of MLB attendance.
Actually, Nielsen's 09-10 numbers have us down a spot to 32. Right in front of us is Salt Lake City who has only one pro team. The only three smaller markets with two teams are Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and New Orleans.

So instead of adding, why don't we start pursuing a trade. Just imagine how far a baseball would travel in that Salt Lake City air...

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