Thursday, January 15, 2009

Science Day #2 - Face Off

This is one I meant to post about awhile ago, but didn't get around to it. Apparently, doctors can now exchange your Nicolas Cage for somebody else's John Travolta.

The operation, announced yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic, was a face transplant from a corpse. Similar procedures have been done three times before, but this was the biggest. Doctors replaced 77 square inches of the patient's face, from her eyelids to her chin. Go look at yourself in the mirror. That's practically the whole you.

... Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and risk a patient's life to fix a nonlethal defect? The Cleveland doctors give three reasons. First, this patient had facial damage that impaired her physical functions. She couldn't eat normally, and she could breathe only through a hole in her windpipe. Second, faces, unlike kidneys, have social functions. "They are essential to our communication with the world," argues Maria Siemionow, the doctor who led the Cleveland team. They convey emotion as well as speech.
I, for one, cannot wait to go get my new corpse face put on.


bigsmithdude said...

and now...lady and gentlemen...from parts unknown...CORPSE FACE!!!!

jackknife rodriguez said...

The second face-transplant recipiant died last month. That leads me to believe, if a bear is attacking your cows, just let it go. Cows don't need to look handsome, I do.


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