Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Movie Quote of the Week

It isn't from the 80's, but it seemed too good to pass up as I watched Aretha Franklin sing on the Capitol steps. The movie is My Fellow Americans (1996), and Jack Lemmon and James Garner are two former presidents on the run.

Russell Kramer: When you were in the White House, who was the person you were most excited to meet?
Matt Douglas: Nelson Mandela.
Russell Kramer: I'm not a reporter.
Matt Douglas: Ella Fitzgerald.
Russell Kramer: Ah.
Matt Douglas: Mandela was a great man, but he couldn't sing worth a shit.


bigsmithdude said...

i was not impressed with aretha. i loved her tunes 40 years ago, but her performance was lacking and weak. should have went with petty...

bigsmithdude said...

i am, however, impressed with local stranger. who knows? it could actually be david lee roth....


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