Thursday, May 8, 2008


So my check will be arriving soon apparently. What should I do with my money? Blow it? Save it? Donate it? Pay debt with it? Burn it in protest?

What will you do with yours?


Evil St. Louisan said...

I'm going to add mine to all the money I save this summer with the gas tax holiday. I'll then take that money and add it to all the money I'm keeping from the Bush tax cuts. I'll then take that lump sum and go to Europe on vacation.

Evil St. Louisan said...

Okay, bad news. Apparently in the 'global economy', paying for a war by borrowing money instead of asking your citizens to pay for it in taxes is bad. I've just learned of something called the 'exchange rate' and it does not appear to be good.

My initial fact finding mission has seemed to uncover that all of these US dollars that I'm getting back from the government aren't worth much in other areas of the world. It seems that in other places around the globe they actually pay for what they purchase. I don't understand this logic AT ALL.

I mean, we have a Republican in office for a reason, right? Aren't they the 'money' party? Surely something is wrong here... I'll keep investigating.

Spyder said...

Saving it for an emergency.


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