Monday, May 19, 2008

Sexier Without the Methodology

The Washington Post has a headline and description on the front page that read as follows:

Where Does Your School Rank?
Challenge Index More than 1300 high schools are included in the latest list of the nation's best.
I assumed that figuring out the best high schools in the country must be a pretty difficult task, but the clear implication is that someone must think they know how. Imagine my surprise then when in the methodology I read:

The rating is not a measurement of the overall quality of the school but illuminates one factor that many educators consider important.
Methodology is always causing problems for journalists and headline writers. Fortunately, the general public are such dutiful readers that I'm sure misleading headlines rarely cause misinterpretations of reality.

On a side note, congrats to Hogan Prep and Park Hill. They are the two Kansas City schools making the list. Before you form an opinion about their inclusion or the absence of your school, however, please read the methodology.

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Evil St. Louisan said...

Central was the only HS from the old neighborhood. Seriously, Central? I've been gone for over a decade, but that didn't seem like the school that would make the list. I know, I know, methodology...


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