Friday, May 16, 2008

Radiohead Show

I saw Radiohead in St. Louis on Wednesday evening. Absolutely fantastic. I have seen a lot of great shows lately actually. So do me (and yourself) a favor, and pick a favorite band and go see them live. A great concert is one of the best activities on the planet. Everyone should get to have that kind of fun.

The Radiohead setlist was awesome. It was:
“All I Need” “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” “Airbag” “15 Step” “Nude” “Kid A” “Weird Fishes”/ “Arpeggi” “The Gloaming” “You & Whose Army?” “Idioteque” “Faust Arp” “Videotape” “Everything in Its Right Place” “Reckoner” “Optimistic” “Bangers ‘N Mash” “Bodysnatchers”
“Exit Music (for a Film)” “Myxomatosis” “My Iron Lung” “There There” “Fake Plastic Trees”
Second encore
“Pyramid Song” “House of Cards”/”No Surprises” “Paranoid Android”

There were a lot of great moments during the show. During “You & Whose Army?”, there was a ginat screen closeup of Yorke's mug, alternately looking challengingly into the camera and behind him as though someone was sneaking up behind.

Another great moment was captured by a good dude named Rusty. This is some kind of dance.

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