Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Worst Thing About the NBA

Regular readers of this blog know that I spend a considerable amount of time promoting and defending the NBA. I think most critiques of the league are misinformed at best.

That said, one of the few things most people seem to like about the NBA is something that drives me crazy. That is the historical lack of parity. The NBA is the worst of the four major sports in terms of the percentage of teams in the league who have won a championship in the past 30 years.

NBA 8 out of 30 - 27%
NHL 13 out of 30 - 43%
NFL 15 out of 32 - 47%
MLB 18 out of 30 - 60%

This is the downside to the factor that I mentioned as a positive a few posts back that one player makes a disproportionate difference in the NBA. What that can result in is that through a few lucky personnel turns, we get to watch the Lakers and Celtics again this year for what feels like the 218th time.

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