Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, When You Put it That Way...

From a Gallup poll on attitudes toward financial reform.

When Wall Street is not mentioned, net public support (percentage in favor minus percentage opposed) for banking reform legislation is +3 points, but when it is mentioned, net support is +14. [...]

On both questions, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to support banking reform. Seven in 10 Democrats favor the proposed new federal regulatory powers, regardless of the wording. By contrast, Republicans show greater support for reform when “Wall Street” is invoked than when it is not (35% vs. 22%).
Why exactly do Republicans find "Wall Street" so much more worth reforming than "large banks and major financial institutions?" Why don't Democrats have the same reaction? What do Republicans think the difference is between the two? Why do horses wear shoes? Are there horse socks?

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emawkc said...

My personal view (being neither Democrat nor Republican) is that we need better regulation, not more regulation.

Both parties are more than happy to expand government (one more than the other, it seems from this poll), but if they add additional layers of regulation, that will just mean additional layers of regulators who probably won't be able or willing to do their jobs.


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