Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Lesson in the Importance of Education

Rusty sent me a video this morning that words can barely describe.

Now, I'm not sure whether you can say for certain whether these guys are serious or not. If they are, it is absolute proof that they could use a middle school science class. If they aren't, it says even worse things about their legion of fans who take it seriously.

"F*ckin magnets... How do they work?"


Dan said...

Robin sent this video to the kids and me - I think it's awesome. And, really, how do magnets work? Truly - I can give a textbook answer and I did well in science through high school. But isn't it kind of mind-blowing how magnets work?

I think the song is about opening your eyes and allowing your mind to be blown by all the amazing stuff that we become to dull to appreciate.

Dan said...

"too dull", that should have been.

Dolly Paolucci said...

Wow, nice video. The rhythm is simple, yet the message is very deep; education is still very important 'coz that's how it works around us. Perhaps, making a balance in everything will work, i.e. to teach children how to appreciate things around them. Going to school will make 'em learn how to deal with life and be strong. And that's how they're gonna survive. Anyways, thanks for sharing this video.


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