Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, A Day for All Things Pointless but Fascinating

Some say the military's biggest enemy is Powerpoint. I think the chart above makes a good case for that theory to be true.

Tough man contest meets marathon in the Tough Mudder, a race developed by a British-born, Harvard-educated obviously fun-loving dude. Contestants have to make it through barbed wire fences, wade muddy bogs, and jump through a ring of fire.

If Harry Reid loses to the chicken-care lady, then we really are a country of morons. The chicken-care lady has to beat a guy named Tarkanian. I was very disappointed to hear it was not Jerry Tarkanian. I guess there will be no "Amoeba Defense" to scuttle financial reform.

This website aimed at raising money for Stephen Baldwin is apparently real. I would really like for someone to show me that it isn't.

Hand-drawn maps = Awesome.

The Kansas City Royals continue to amaze. They lead the league in batting average, they are 7th in slugging percentage, and they are 9th in OPS. Somehow, they have parlayed that into 19th in runs scored. Incredible.

Queen City Family Man just texted me using the phrase "Pinnacle of Assininity." That goes into regular rotation.

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