Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey World, We're A Bunch of Hicks!

As if it weren't enough that we're forced to endure a Garth Brooks sing-along during Royals games (to that family fun classic, I've Got Friends in Low Places), now the Chiefs have made Trace Adkins their new spokesman.

He joins the ranks of Kevin Costner and the guy from Garozzo's as dudes the Chiefs think might inspire you to go drop $100 to see your hometown team beaten like red-headed stepchildren by whatever team they happen to be playing that week.

What is it about this town's athletics franchises that makes them want to portray themselves as the Official Teams of Hee Haws everywhere?


Dan said...


royal said...

why do you hate your roots? :)

bethany said...

I LOVE baseball, but you know how I feel about that damn song at the Royals' games.


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