Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ardi - The Devil's Bidness

Satan is hard at it again, using fool pawn scientists to distort the Bible's obvious truth that the world was created seven days.

Human origins is a field with high stakes and small bones, and the elaborate roll-out of the Ardipithecus research probably will trigger debate about the message contained in fossils so fragile they had to be excavated with dental picks and porcupine quills. If the scientists who found Ardi are correct, she represents a transitional figure, almost a hybrid -- a tree creature who could carry food in her arms as she explored the woodland floor on two legs.

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Brian said...

Speaking of fooling scientists, check this out:

Kirk Cameron and some other religious wacko describe how bananas are a proof of intelligent design. Of course they completely overlook the fact that modern bananas have been genetically engineered for centuries and barely resemble their wild cousins. Plus they peel the banana from the wrong end. Fundamentalists are awesome.


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