Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dylan still strong

yesterday, bob dylan released the 742nd studio album of his illustrious career.

okay, not really. it was really only number 33, but if you were to include greatest hits, live albums, compilations and official bootlegs, then it would be surprisingly close to this figure. this album, Together Through Life, could be viewed as a continuation of his past three studio albums (time out of mind, love and theft, & modern times). but where those 3 were composed of very eclectic themes ranging from death, life, war, poverty, greed, & salvation, this album tends to focus primarily on one singular theme: love

what is consistent is the quality of music that dylan has been putting out for the last ten years. i would like to think that at this point in his career, he has a full staff of people whose sole purpose on the payroll is to make sure he finishes his career, and life, on top. when neil young said,"it's better to burn out, then to fade away", he did not have dylan in mind. not only is he not fading away, but he is far from burning out either. in fact, it is safe to say that this star is shining brighter than ever.

none of the music here is spectacular or groundbreaking. but if this were the only release from any other artist, it would be considered a masterpiece. very loose, very familiar, and yet still very enjoyable. oh, and if you are a fan of the accordion you will love this album: it is on every single track!

it is safe to say that i am probably one of the biggest dylan freaks around, but forget about that for a moment. this album is good. really good. if you are expecting bob dylan from the 1960's you will, as usual, be sorely disappointed. however, if you have come to embrace this ever changing artist through the years, then this is everything you have come to expect and more.

as the summer starts to heat up, together through life is one album to play when the sun's out. but keep it going when the sun goes down too. as the album cover depicts, things only get better as the sun goes down....

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jackknife rodriguez said...

Very nice appraisal of Dylan's latest work. I'm actually going to pick it up based on this analysis. Hope Jim's having a blast in South Africa.


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