Thursday, April 23, 2009

a time of uncertainty

as some of you may or may not know, ancillary adams has decided to take some time off from reality for a bit and seek his fortunes elsewhere around the globe. during his potential absence from technology, there will be a few strangers posting their thoughts, ideas and opinions to this blog. it should be noted that while being asked to contribute by the great AA himself is indeed quite an honor, all ramblings contained herein are that of the specific author and not that of the founder.

while we do hope to generate discussion on a variety of topics, our sole objective is to make a valiant effort towards the maintenance of this blog. Current readership is at an all-time staggering high, and we shall do our best to maintain this current level of success. fear not, dear reader!


Jim said...

Already, you have proven my judgement sound.

Jim said...

Am I to take some significance out of the fact that the word "Current" is the only capitalized letter in the post?

A warning perhaps?


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