Monday, March 9, 2009

The Kids These Days

It's hard to write post bagging on a kid, so I'd prefer you just went a read this story for yourself. The gist is:

The interview concluded, Jonathan wistfully handed his mother her cellphone. His parents still won’t let him have one, even though he turned 14 last Sunday, right after he became an instant news media darling and the conservative movement’s underage graybeard at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.
In the story, however, there is a quote that just can't go unrecognized.

“He seems to at least have a historical perspective,” she said. “But at 13, there’s not a lot of life experience yet. But as he attends more conferences, he’ll have more ammunition and education, and see that there are more than black and white viewpoints.” which point he will no longer be considered a viable conservative thinker.

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