Monday, March 23, 2009

Kansas Fans

What is it with KU fans? They should be happy that their guys are in the Sweet Sixteen, and all I keep hearing are snide remarks about Missouri's free throw substitution.

As many have already pointed out, if you wanted to use the rule to your advantage, you would not substitute a 65% free throw shooter who hadn't played most of the second half for a 76% free throw shooter who had a few possessions earlier made two pressure free throws.

But KU fans seem to like hurling feces at Missouri more than they like rooting for their own guys. I don't get it.


Nick Sloan said...

KU fans are obsessed with Mizzou but lie about it all the time.

Evil St. Louisan said...

You have to understand the quality of education people get at KU. In their world, those percentages clearly show English as the better FT shooter.


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