Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Stars at Night are Big and...Well Something

I hope the McCain campaign isn't trying the Jeremiah Wright angle in Texas. A quarter of the electorate wouldn't believe Obama ever went to Wright's Protestant Church.

But the statewide survey of 550 registered voters has one very surprising finding: 23 percent of Texans are convinced that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is a Muslim.
Brought to you by the makers of George Bush's political career.


Queen City Family Man said...

I've been fascinated by Obama's ability to be an anti-American Muslim and white-hating Christian at the same time.

If only he can find a way to get painted as a Zionist Jew he will have completed the trifecta!

bigsmithdude said...

awesome. not quite as awesome as the obama/hitler comparison in the news leader, but awesome all the same...


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