Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Questionable Math

CNN has reported that the McCain camp is giving up on Colorado. If you consider Obama to be safe in every place where Kerry won plus Iowa and New Mexico (which look pretty safe and Gore carried in 2000), then Colorado alone would give Obama enough electoral votes to win.

The McCain campaign says this means they must win Pennsylvania. The problem is that Obama is ahead by almost 13 points in an average of the last 10 polls taken there.

This is not to mention that McCain would also need to prevent Obama from winning Ohio, Florida, or some combination of Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Somebody either has some serious cockeyed optimism, or the calculator is broken.

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Kess said...

Nothing really surprises me about this campaign anymore. Good luck with that strategy, guys.

McCain has run on his experience and his ability to lead right away, yet his campaign has been so poorly run. Palin has officially become a problem (55% think she's not ready to be pres and her negative rating is higher than her positive) and they can't seem to find one solid, consistent reason McCain should be president. They've been chasing rabbits for a few months now.

A lot can happen in two weeks, but he's going to have to find some magic fast.


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