Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I spent some time in our state's cradle of power today. A surreal experience. I met with Democrats and Republicans and found most to be either truly thoughtful or quite effective at appearing to be truly thoughtful. Some were only half paying attention, but what I was speaking to them about was not the most exciting topic in the world. I (and those with me) did run into a couple of roadblocks. Those roadblocks are otherwise known as rural representatives.

I am a farmboy from a rural area, but the attitudes of those from places just like my own seem as foreign to me as Siberia. The inability or unwillingness of many rural people to consider the plight of those outside their world is astounding. I might refer to that particular political development as yokelism. The term is, of course, pejoritave. But I honestly cannot think of a better way to explain it.

There is a patent unfairness in my complaint because urban dwellers often have a similar ignorance of the problems faced by rural communities. All I can say is that right now the rural people are giving me far more headaches than the urban ones. This whole point could be made better if I could give specifics, but that isn't what this is about.

I mostly just needed to complain, even if doing so meant being a bit vague. Thanks for the indulgence.

p.s. Blogger's spell checker hasn't worked on my blog for about 3 weeks now. Anyone know why?

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Urban Dick,tionary said...

May I offer an "ancillary" term for the thought patterns of rural denizens that, rather than being unable to consider a world other than theirs, purposefully disregard anything "unrural" and bear a hint of spite towards the new and unknown: Honkey-think.


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