Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Premier League Fan Zone

For those of you who have any interest in soccer and Fox Soccer Channel, I must recommend Premier League Fan Zone. I watched PLFZ for the first time last night, and I was enthralled. It is a broadcast of an English Premier League soccer match with the broadcasters roles filled by two fans of one of the teams. They do commentary and field text messages throughout the match.

The match last night featured Fulham vs. Aston Villa. The two Fulham fans commentating spent the match figuring out who each player resembled, yelling at Fulham players who weren't playing hard, and despairing over the impending doom of the franchise. Best celebrity comparisons of the night: Bilbo Baggins, Leo Sayer, and "Maggie" Thatcher.

This show is also the final piece of the puzzle in making Fulham my second Premier League Team. I will still always root for Chelsea due to my first experience watching a match in an English pub with a bunch of Chelsea fans. Even though I later found out that rooting for Chelsea was akin to rooting for the Yankees, the experience was what it was. But I am now adding Fulham as my other rooting interest.


1. The team features enough American transplants that it is sometimes called Fulhamerica.

2. The latest American addition is former Wizard Eddie Johnson.

3. The are desperately fighting relegation (teams that finish in the bottom 3 are sent to the equivalent of Triple A the following season). Matches between bottom teams are often more thrilling than matches between top teams because no one wants to get sent down. American sports should find a way to adopt this rule.

4. Those two guys from the PLFZ.

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Anonymous said...

PLFZ is great. I must correct you in that there is one fan for each team doing the commentary. At least that is what I have seen everytime I have watched PLFZ


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