Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts

1. Bridgestone is the clubhouse leader for my company of the year award after bringing us the best halftime show ever and the screaming squirrel commercial.

2. The completion from Manning to Tyree was probably the most amazing play I have ever seen.

3. Kawika Mitchell and Lawrence Tynes probably aren't upset they had to leave KC.

4. The Giants defense was unbelievable.

5. Unless there was some misunderstanding, Belichek ended the game pretty classlessly.

6. I wish the Terminator would take out those stupid Fox football robots for good.

7. It was hard not to feel good watching one brother root for another on screen.

8. Moss was outran the Giants secondary on several plays, but Brady couldn't get enough on the ball to get it to him.

9. The other best commercial of the night was from Doritos of all people, featuring the mousetrap.

10. Charles Barkley is my favorite sports celebrity by a fairly wide margin.

1 comment:

Evil St. Louisan said...

Hearing that entire stadium sing along to Free Falling was amazing!

Don't know if I believe in karma, but it's hard to argue it after the Patriots turned into the 2001 Rams last night!


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