Monday, January 28, 2008

The End

If this isn't a sign of our imminent destruction, then God has a poor sense of humor.

Meet the Spartans was #1 at the box office.

I defy anyone to say that they saw anything in the trailer for that movie that made them think, "Hey, that joke isn't cliched, childish, or just plain unfunny. I think I'll go see that movie."


Anonymous said...

When you give movie-goers the choice of Meet the Spartans or Rambo, what do you expect them to do?


pompous ass said...

Once you're headed towards bottom, there's a human tendency to see how far you can go. I attribute this film's first-week success to the malaise of the population created by economic downturn and a general feeling of spiritual misdirection. Also, please comment on whether or not you believe that the rise of antideestablishmentarianism, both in the US and in Islamic states, has become a larger problem that the majority of world power resting in the hands of corporations.

Jim said...

Hi Nate.

Ryan you make a good point.


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