Monday, January 14, 2008

All Over the Map

I just took my second political quiz that is supposed to tell me who I should vote for based on the issues. The last one told me to vote for Hillary Clinton. This one tells me to vote for Bill Richardson, though with him out, it looks like maybe Edwards is my guy. But this one (from, has an interesting feature that the others have not.

If you click on the different sets of issues, you can find out on each who you agree with (or who you agree with based on 3-4 multiple choice questions). Here is my rundown:

Gun Control: Romney
Environment: Edwards
Iraq: Richardson (Clinton & Edwards)
Economy: Richardson (Edwards)
Income: Obama
National Security: McCain
Family: Obama
Immigation: Richardson (Clinton)
Healthcare: Romney
Law and Order: Clinton
Education: Obama
Terrorism: Edwards & Paul

So, if you took nothing else about the candidates into account and you assumed I cared about all these issues equally then I should probably be sad that Richardson is gone. But now that he is, my scoreboard is thus:

Edwards: 4
Clinton: 3
Obama: 3
Romney: 2
McCain: 1
Paul: 1

Does this tell me anything? Probably not. It tells me that I agree with Democrats more than Republicans, which is no surprise. It also tells me that there is an awful lot of interpretation that takes place while answering these questions. Who is your candidate?

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Spyder said...

Obama on all issues.


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