Friday, December 14, 2007

One More Thing Depressing About the Royals

There were 89 players listed in George Mitchell's report on MLB steroid use. Of those 89, 13 were current or former Royals. So this is what it has come to. We harbored about 15% of the total names in the report, and yet were still easily the worst team in the league over that span of time. Once again, I must ask what Kansas City sports fans have done to deserve their fate.

In a related story, Mike Sweeney says the report vindicates him.

“Maybe now people will really believe me,” Sweeney said by phone from California. “People now know that No. 29 was clean. And if I’ve played my last game with the Royals, you don’t have to put an asterisk by any of my stats.”

Yeah, I sure am glad the 74 total home runs he hit in the last five years won't be in question.

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