Friday, December 21, 2007

Best of 2007: Music 2

I just got Levon Helm's Dirt Farmer and immediately bacame enamored with the song "Anna Lee". That got me to thinking that while I am sticking to my Top 10 only rule on albums, there is no reason I can't add 10 other great songs from this bountiful music year. So here are 10 songs that do not appear on my Top 10 albums but are really good. In no particular order:

Anna Lee, Levon Helm
Dashboard, Modest Mouse
Kiss, Kiss, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Chelsea Dagger, The Fratellis
Goodnight Rose, Ryan Adams
Intervention, The Arcade Fire
The General Specific, Band of Horses
(Nod to bigsmithdude for this one)
I Feel it All, Feist
The Opposite of Hallelujah, Jens Lekman
Our Bovine Public, The Cribs

And just for the record my top five songs overall for 2007 would be:

The Underdog, Spoon
Back In Your Head, Tegan and Sara
Start a War, The National
I Feel it All, Feist
The Runner, Kings of Leon

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