Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cow Town

According to the Economist, Kansas City is trying to capitalize on its heritage and geography to create an "“Animal Health Corridor” as recognisable to everyone as, say, Silicon Valley."

The branding campaign has gone quite well, so far. The US Animal Health Association has been enticed to Kansas from Virginia. IdentiGEN, a Dublin-based food-safety company, has relocated its American headquarters. And MWI Veterinary Supply, one of the largest animal-health distributors in the country, is moving its Midwest distribution centre to Kansas. Kansas State University, on the western edge of the corridor, is among five sites being considered for the National Bio and Agro-Defence Facility. This $450m venture will replace the Plum Island Animal Disease Centre in Greenport, New York, in the research of diseases that can be transmitted to humans from animals.

The story is full of interesting facts, but it never gets to a catchy name like Silicon Valley. So consider this a nomination for Methane Row.

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