Monday, September 17, 2007

Tough Call

I have a bet with a friend and evil St. Louisan about the Royals final record. Before the season started we set an over/under at 72 games. I took the over and he took the under. The first two months of the season things looked really bad for me, but the next three were awesome. As August ended, I looked to have the wager in the bag. Unfortunately, the Royals apparently only play good baseball when children are out of school. They have gone 4-10 in September, and I need them to go 8-6 over the last 14 to get at least a push.

It just so happens that after yesterday's debacle, the Chiefs need to go 8-6 over their last 14 games just to finish .500 (the same St. Louisan pointed this out to me).

So the question is which team has a better shot. I don't like the odds of either, but I would probably put the Royals at somewhere around 10 times more likely to achieve the the feat than the Chiefs.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, can I vote for option 3, that The Sprint Center will have an NHL/NBA franchise as a tenant this time next year? Although a long shot, I still think more likely than either of the first two options.

Jim said...

Let's not get carried away.


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