Wednesday, September 5, 2007


If you were in charge of a war that at best was progressing so slowly that even its supporters believe that it may take an unrealistic amount of time, and at worst is continuing to regress, what do you think you might have your mind on?

If you're Bush or Cheney, you apparently have your mind on starting another war:

After a brief interruption of his New Hampshire vacation to meet President Bush in the family compound at Kenebunkport, Maine, French President Nicolas Sarkozy came away convinced his U.S. counterpart is serious about bombing Iran's secret nuclear facilities. That's the reading as it filtered back to Europe's foreign ministries.

The story was written by conservative Arnaud de Borchgrave in the also conservative Washington Times. So anyone suggesting this is a liberal media conspiracy has even less credibility than usual. The best part of the story is two paragraphs later:

A ranking Swiss official privately said, "Anyone with a modicum of experience in the Middle East knows that any bombing of Iran would touch off at the very least regional instability and what could be an unmitigated disaster for Western interests."

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