Friday, September 7, 2007


Apparently, putting an appropriately patriotic bumper sticker on your car does not mean you actually care about the Iraq war. From the Fox and Friends show, via the Corner:

FRED BARNES: Something happened in August that Democrats didn't expect. They expected Congress would adjourn, recess, and Republicans would go out and particularly hear from voters that they better get right on Iraq and oppose the war, and start withdrawing troops. . . .

Republicans didn't hear that at all. They heard practically nothing about Iraq. And I've talked to a number today. What they heard about was immigration. People are mad about the Bush administration and others on immigration and the border being leaky, and so on. That's what they were mad about.

So if you vote Republican, you apparently are much more concerned about the sandy south than the sandy east. So, is this an appropriate time to question the support of troops by our country's Republicans. I mean, if they really supported the troops wouldn't they be talking about that instead of talking about illegal immigration?

Of course, what I just said was completely ridiculous. More ridiculous, however, is that it is exactly the kind of argument they might use to beat down those with varying philosophies.


Also great in this exchange is Mort Kondracke's assertion that the report by General James Jones - which said the Iraqi army would be unable to take over for at least a year and that the Iraqi police force should be disbanded - was "basically supportive of Bush." Huh.

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