Monday, August 13, 2007

Turd Blossom

Two different perspectives on the departure of Karl Rove:

From Andrew Sullivan:

In the re-election, the president with a relatively strong economy, and a war in progress, managed to eke out 51 percent. Why? Because Rove preferred to divide the country and get his 51 percent, than unite it and get America's 60. In a time of grave danger and war, Rove picked party over country.

And a decidedly different take from Pete Wehner:

Some day books will be written about what a phenomenon of nature this man is. But some day books should be written about what a really fine man he is. He was the most relentlessly upbeat person in the White House, giving counsel and encouragement to all, and showing great kindness to many of us and our families.

What is amazing about this second account is that it slobbers all over Rove without ever refuting any of the charges that Sullivan (and nearly everyone else) make about his legacy. I'm all for people being nice, but is that really enough to keep you out of history's trash bin? Then again maybe he wasn't even that nice. So says this and this.

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