Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Government by Those Who Hate Government, Part 3,212

It's a topic I return to over and over, but reminders that electing those who don't believe in government come around pretty regularly.

A man who I almost never agree with, David Frum, has a column in the New York Times about Karl Rove that I mostly do agree with. The title is "Building a Coalition, Forgetting to Rule." I would likely change that headline to "... Not Caring to Rule." But then I am not surprised by the Administration's disdain for government and Frum apparently is.

In fact, he still seems to miss the point at least a bit saying:

Paradoxically, the antigovernment conservatives of the 1980s took the problems of government far more seriously than the pro-government conservatives of the 2000s.

He still calls them "pro-government" conservatives despite all evidence to the contrary. Being willing to spend the nation's money in a manner heretofore unknown by either party does not make one "pro-government." It only means that you have reasoned that as a meaningless entity, government is available to you as a vehicle for personal agendas. You can't be much more "anti-government" than that.

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