Friday, August 24, 2007


The weather was nice.

That is the only thing positive I can say about going to Arrowhead Stadium last night. Actually, last night was a reminder that when you buy tickets and pay ridiculous money for parking at a sporting event, you are really gambling. You are betting however much you pay for all that on your team's ability to entertain you. Everyone who went to the game last night lost big.

The callers to talk radio and some of the talking heads around town have spent the preseason trying to fight the reality that Chiefs are not a playoff team. I was harboring no such illusion, assuming that 5-11 or 6-10 were probably likely outcomes. But after last night, 6-10 seems like a pipe dream.

The Chiefs were not only outscored 30-7, but they were out-gained 479-153. They out-punted New Orleans 7-1. The defense did not force a punt in the first half. The offense mustered 3 first downs in the first half. The Saints averaged 5.3 yards per carry (the starters averaged 5.4). The Chiefs averaged 3 yards per carry. The Saints quarterbacks completed 85% of their passes. The Chiefs quarterbacks completed 45% of their passes (3rd stringer Jeff Terrell went 5-5, so the other two were actually at 33%).

This list could go on, but out of mercy I'll quit. It is unrealistic to think the Chiefs are going to be very good this year. But if they don't show, at the very least, a spark of promise and effort then I can't imagine fans continuing to want to dole out hard earned cash to see this crap. It's a bad bet.

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