Thursday, April 19, 2007

Simple Things Can Improve Your View of the World

There has been a lot of bad stuff going on lately. Of course, it almost isn't possible to say that without making a major understatement. If you get sucked in to the world of news reports and commentary it can cause you to hold a pretty dim view of the world.

Fortunately, there are almost always events in our own lives that let us see humanity in a more personal way and restores our faith in each other. Tuesday was such a night for me. My wife and I were the fortunate recipients of an invite from some friends to have dinner with them and a guest from India. The Indian woman had come all the way around the world to learn something about her profession, her luggage had been lost, and she must have been feeling the time change. Yet, she was excited to cook for a group of people she had known for a couple of days and share her culture with us. She taught us about Indian cooking. She taught us a bit about meditation. She was even willing to take seriously questions I had that must have seemed completely naive and stupid.

More importantly she proved, as most people I meet do, that there are far more examples of great humanity than awful humanity. They are everywhere, and there are great numbers of them. It can be easy to forget that when we hear about all the problems in the world. But I'm glad there are so many opportunities to be reminded.

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Robin said...

Way too often we lose sight of how a meal, a moment, a small gesture can be restorative. This restorative came at a good time.


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