Sunday, April 1, 2007

Great Moments in Sunday Morning TV

Meet the Press had Pat Leahy and Orrin Hatch on this morning debating the prosecutor replacements and whether or not the Attorney General should resign. It followed the usual Meet the Press storyline. Russert asks leading questions, guests answer whatever they want, and opposing sides get blustery before declaring that the opponent is their lifelong soul mate.

But this morning had a great moment. Hatch had spent considerable time arguing that the president and his staff should be able to replace the prosecutors at their discretion. Then Russert pointed out that in 2005 (I think) Bush had tried to replace the prosecutor in Utah, and Orrin Hatch had raised hell about it.

Hatch explained. The difference was that the prosecutor in Utah was going to be replaced because he was a Clinton appointment, but what the administration didn't know was that Clinton had worked with Hatch to place that prosecutor. I think it is worth repeating that Clinton had worked with Hatch to place the prosecutor. Something about that statement seems unfamiliar in today's landscape.

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Dan said...

Back before the presidency became a contest to see how odious you could possibly be to your opponents.


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